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Spotlight on the Pros

Year of production: 2020

Professionals - Improvised Demo

Improvised dancing to a song of DJ's choice. SO FUN!

Event: Budafest 2020 - 10th year anniversary

Location: Hotel Intercontinental , Budapest, Hungary

Date: 04.01.2020

Dancers: Maxime Zzoui & Torri Zzaoui (Smith)

Song: Just a Gigolo

This is West Coast Swing!

Dancing in the streets of their cities!

Check them out! They are having a blast!

The dancing is improvised, not a rehearsed routine.

WEST COAST SWING IS FUN!   Are you ready to learn?

Masters (age 50+) Dancers

Year of Production: 2017

Masters Strictly Swing Competition

Monterey Swingfest in California

The dancers you see here are competing in the Masters Strictly competition in Monterey, CA in 2017.  All dancers are age 50 and older (a requirement to enter this division.)  The dancers chose with whom to compete, but the DJ played a song of their choice, and the dancers improvised and sync'ed their movements to the song being played.  Aren't they awesome?  This could have been you!

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West Coast Swing is the smoother, sexier version of the Swing dance family that evolved from other forms of Swing, such as Lindy Hop and East Coast Swing. It is an interesting social dance, since it allows the dancer to adopt many nuances from other dance forms, making it highly personalized. This is partially why it has become so popular. It is modern, versatile and can be danced to just about any 4/4 time music you like including blues, R&B, Soul, Pop, Funk and Hip Hop.


Because it can be danced to almost any music, its look and feel can range from smooth and sexy to soulful and funky. Its interpretation differs depending on the dancers and the music. Because of this flexibility, with both music and style, it has a vast appeal and brings together people of all ages.


West Coast Swing is considered a dancer's dance because it is always changing and evolving and will continue to challenge you. This is why many people fall in love with the dance and stick with it. It is one of the most interesting and versatile social dances of our times and can be danced by young or old alike.






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Project SWING! Castle Rock, CO

Sponsored by Westies Goga and Claude,

the Swing Etc Team!


Goga and Claude began organizing Swing ETC events in 2009. Their primary mission was to promote West Coast Swing (WCS) dancing in central Illinois.  Their dance venues included the Aqua Sports Club, the University of Illinois Springfield, Hoogland Center for the Arts, and Bogey’s at Centrum Cafe. More recently they provided dance instruction at the Rhythms Lounge in Springfield, IL, at the TRAC at the University of Illinois, Springfield, and at the St. Louis Rebels Swing Dance Club in St. Louis, MO.


After moving to Colorado, The SwingETC Team took over the management of the local international Swing competitive event SwingTime in The Rockies, one of the longest running dance competitions in the US. The competition is held annually on the last weekend of July.


With the help of their local and extended dance family  - fellow dancers, instructors, DJs, and event promoters from Denver and Colorado Springs, CO, the SwingETC Team continues to serve the Westie dance community with lessons and PRO Workshop Weekends.


Contact the Swing Etc team toll free at 833-SWNGETC or (833) 796-4382, Ext 2,

or via e-mail at SwingEtc@GMAIL.COM.



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